The TLS Team



Emanuel Orraca

Emanuel Orraca Gotay has a Master degree in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Economy with a minor in Business Administration. Emanuel brings to TLS 3 years of experience….


Elvin Santana

Elvin Santana has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with more than 10 years’ experience in; financial statements, business activity reporting, billing collections, payroll….


Esteban Picornell

Esteban Picornell has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in International Business. Esteban has over 25 years of experience as an accountant, not limited….


Jorge Lasalle

Jorge Lasalle is a talented accountant with 32 years of experience including the full accounting cycle to personnel supervision. Jorge holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business….


Juan Carlos Rosa

Juan Carlos Rosa is a professional accountant with more than 7 years of experience working with adjustments, reconciliations and analysis of accounting data. Juan Carlos possess a Bachelor’s….


Luis E. Rodríguez

Luis Ernesto Rodriguez comes to TLS with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Northern Illinois University, and a wealth of knowledge with more than 20 years of experience….


Sonia Del Valle

Sonia Del Valle brings to TLS more than 17 years of financial experience such as; banking compliance, accounting, auditing, taxes, investments, and property management….



Caroline Runge

Caroline Runge has a Master Degree in International Business Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration.   Caroline has worked developing business plans, marketing strategies….


Gloria Delgado

Gloria Delgado comes to TLS with a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities/Graphic Arts from the University of PR.  Gloria has a wealth of knowledge with more than 20 years of experience….


Nicole Guede

Nicole Guede has more than 3 years of professional experience working as a Paralegal. Nicole brings to TLS her knowledge in conducting legal writing, research, and litigation….


Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in marketing from Florida International University.  She is a registered paralegal and has worked at law firms….

Human Resources


Anjelica Orfila

Anjelica Orfila Lluberes has a Bachelor Degree in General Education specializing in Spanish from the University of Sacred Heart. Anjelica has worked….


Jarelis Carrasquillo

Jarelis Carrasquillo has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration specializing in Finance. Jarelis comes to TLS with 15 years of experience….


Linda Rodríguez

Linda Rodriguez is an HR Specialist with over 3 years of experience in employee relations, recruitment, training, development, compliance and auditing….


Maritza Rodríguez

Maritza Rodriguez has over 20 years’ experience in the human resources management area.  Her knowledge qualifies her to create and implement procedures….

Account Directors


Charlotte Hartman

Charlotte Hartman is a sales executive with over 10 years of experience in the media and cinema industries. Charlotte has an impressive track record in generating and establishing new business sales….


Douglas Hoffman

Douglas Hoffman comes to TLS with over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing management, with a vast knowledge in the restaurant industry. He graduated from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut with a BA….


Gretchen Perkins

Gretchen Perkins is a public relations and sales and marketing brand strategist who has found success for her clients by focusing on cultivating growth and positive ROI.   Gretchen worked for National Cinemedia….


James Ballard

James Ballard is a dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in sales, business management and customer and business relations as well as coaching. James has been a top salesman through increasing….


Jamie Justus

James Justus has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from North Carolina State University. James has over 9 years of successful sales experience through leading sales individuals, meeting and exceeding yearly….


Jan Rice

Jan Rice, comes to TLS with over 24 years of experience as a Senior Account Executive in the Communication industry.  Among her experience, Jan has worked for companies such as: Cox Broadcasting, CBS and SBS….


Jen Washburn Sawicki

Jenn Washburn Sawicki is a strategic marketer that brings to TLS over 15 years of experience in leading development of brand exploration and identity….


John Valachovic

John Valachovic is a result oriented professional with over 25 years of professional sales and customer service experience.  John consistently achieved goals while meeting customer needs and is skilled….


Lawrence Priebe

Lawrence Priebe has over 25 years of experience in commercial banking, insurance and social services.  He has a BA in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University….


Renee Golas

Renee Golas is an accomplished sales and marketing professional with 15+ years’ experience in media and advertising in top national companies such as Chicago Sun Times and National CineMedia….


Rosario Woliver

Rosario Woliver brings over 10 years of proven sales, business development and account management to TLS. She has worked for companies such as; National CineMedia, Emerald Expositions….


Stephen Bjork

Stephen Bjork brings to TLS over 8 years of experience as an Account Director with a proven record of increased revenues while fostering long-term relationships with his clients. Stephen has also been recognized as a top….


Tracey Carfora

Tracey Carfora has over 15 years of sales experience in matching products to customer needs and developing high volume revenue producing territories.  Prior to working in media, Tracey worked in the Information….


Vincent Reese

Vincent Reese comes to TLS with over 10 years of sales experience.  Vincent has played varying roles from Sales Executive to Recruiting Coordinator primarily within the sports industry.  Vincent, holds a Master’s degree….

Client Support


Carlos Sepulveda

Carlos Sepulveda comes to TLS with a Master’s degree in Business Administration with aconcentration in Project Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing (Magna Cum Laude)….


Yairanisse Rivera

Yairanisse Rivera has a Bachelor’s degree in Office Administration from the University of Puerto Rico.  She comes to TLS with 11 years of experience managing the administrative matters of the Auxiliary Secretary….

Operations Support


Angel González

Angel González is technologically savvy with over 5 years’ experience developing digital advertising, social media strategies and running lead generation activities through market….


César Lebrón

César Lebrón has over 15 years of experience in IT Management in both the public and private sectors. Early in his career he worked with the Senate of Puerto Rico IT Department….


Marién Alvarez

Marién Alvarez has a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design.  She has strong experience as an Administrative Assistant specializing in personal and administrative support….


Monserate Mateo

Monserate Mateo is a versatile professional with over 22 years’ experience in business administration.  Monserate has supervisory experience in various industries from accounting to….