Our History

Most companies are born from an opportunity to solve a problem.  TLS is no exception.  In 1998, Dave Runge was sitting in his corner office frustrated with his ridiculously high tax liability.  For years, he had been looking for an expert who could help him reduce his income taxes.  During his quest, he tirelessly met with many tax advisors and CPAs who all gave him the same typical advice and recommendations, but none who offered new strategies that could substantially change his tax situation.  He knew other business owners with similar or more income than him were paying significantly less taxes, yet he had no idea how they were doing it.  A born entrepreneur, Dave refused to give up.  He was determined to find someone with the experience and knowledge who could help him re-engineer his tax plan.  Later that same year, he met Richard Colombik.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Richard is a tax attorney and CPA who specializes in advanced tax planning for high income earning individuals.  Throughout his distinguished career he has worked with some of the wealthiest people in the country, so it’s no surprise that he was able to offer Dave fresh ideas and a completely different approach to tax planning.   Soon after they met, Dave was confident Richard was the expert who could re-engineer his tax plan.  Without hesitation, Dave hired Richard and the outcome was life changing for him.  Naturally, Richard became Dave’s tax advisor and through the years their relationship continued to grow.

Fast forward 7 years to 2005… Dave found himself sitting in a financial investment seminar.  During the seminar, a tax attorney gave a presentation that sparked an overwhelming response from the crowd.  And then during the break, a stampede of business owners raced to ask the attorney questions and get his business card.  Dave instantly realized there were many other business owners across the country who, like him several years prior, were frustrated with their tax situation and were actively seeking solutions.  And while the gentleman at the podium was compelling, he knew Richard was far superior to every other tax attorney he had encountered;  the “lightbulb” instantly clicked on.  And in typical entrepreneur fashion, Dave thought, “WE HAVE A BUSINESS HERE!”    He left the seminar and immediately called, Richard.  A few days later, Tax Law Solutions was born.

In 2005, Dave and Richard started Tax Law Solutions with 8 advanced tax planning strategies.  Today, TLS offers over 50 different advanced tax planning strategies and has over 60 full-time employees.