With exception of a few strategies, TLS fully implements all the tax plans we design and recommend.  We will work closely with you, your CPA, and your team of advisors during the implementation phase.  We will guide you through the specific steps you’ll need to take, and the decisions you’ll need to make. This will occur through a series of two to four structured, scheduled conference calls, and other interactions as necessary. We recommend that your financial advisor, and the tax advisor who will be preparing your tax returns be involved in these implementation conversations.  This will help ensure, when the TLS implementation concludes that your other advisors understand their roles and responsibilities and have the information they need in order to support you in utilizing these tax strategies on an ongoing basis, as applicable, based on the services you are obtaining from them.

It is important that you plan to dedicate the necessary time and energy to the implementation process, keeping in mind that only by implementing the business and tax strategies will you realize tax reduction benefits.


TLS works exclusively with Management Services International (MSI) to implement certain wealth accumulations strategies that may be relevant to your situation.

MSI provides unrivaled expertise in the following areas:

  • Captives (US and offshore)
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Insurance

Jeremy Colombik is the President of MSI and works closely with TLS to ensure certain wealth management strategies we recommend are designed and implemented with the greatest benefit to our clients. He is a CPA and has been in the captive industry for over 10 years and is a member of the Captive Insurance Companies Association and the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association. In addition, he serves as Vice Chairman, Chair of the Membership Committee, and is on the ethics sub-committee for the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association.

MSI has offices in North Carolina, Illinois and Puerto Rico and is currently one of the largest captive managers in the state of North Carolina. They manage over a hundred businesses that are utilizing a captive insurance company structure.

To learn more about Management Services International, click here.

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“TLS reduced my taxes by $86,000 in the first year! They provided excellent service throughout the entire process and measurable results beyond what I thought possible. The strategies have positioned me for an early retirement should I so choose, created a more efficient corporate structure and above all else financial security for my family.”

Jared | South Carolina – Media Company

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Sometimes it really is about knowing the right people – in tax planning or in any other skilled profession. Because we are extremely narrow in our focus, we are also deep in our knowledge and understanding of tax planning for business owners. CPAs typically do tax reporting, not forward tax planning and analysis. Contact us today for more information.