Executive Team

Dave Runge

Dave Runge

David Runge has been President of five companies ranging from start-ups to divisions of Fortune 500 companies, and was also a Partner at one of the largest professional services firms in the world – Deloitte Consulting. He has over 30 years….

Richard Colombik

Richard Colombik

Managing Partner Richard Colombik has 40 years of taxation experience as both a tax attorney and a CPA. He has been recognized nationally as a former liaison committee member to the IRS Commissioner’s office in Washington, D.C….

Kim Wermuth

Kim Wermuth

Kim Wermuth brings over 20 years of management experience to TLS, including senior management positions in sales, operations, and marketing. Prior to joining TLS, Kim ran all Sales Operations….


Chris Hynes

Chris Hynes comes to TLS with a wealth of knowledge and experience as both a Tax Attorney and Certified Financial Planner, which makes him part of a select group of attorneys….


Luis Martínez

Luis Martínez is a seasoned Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Global Management Accountant. Luis worked in the Audit Division of Arthur Andersen LLP for eleven years….


Aracelis Valentín

Aracelis Valentin has a Master’s degree in International Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Puerto Rico.  Aracelis has over 20 years….


Aileen Díaz

Aileen Diaz has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and has worked for the past 12 years in Administration. She was part of RadioShack Corp. team for 9 years as a Regional Administrator….


Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in marketing from Florida International University.  She is a registered paralegal and has worked at law firms….