TLS Philosophy of Strategic Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning is a forward-looking approach through which our clients maximize wealth and minimize their legal tax liability. This is accomplished by utilizing specific tax advantageous approaches tailored to each client’s unique situation, and by ensuring that a client’s economic affairs, both now and in the future, are managed in the context of an integrated tax plan geared toward long term wealth accumulation while still maintaining short term liquidity.

Under this philosophy, Tax Law Solutions (“TLS”) begins with the economic engine that generates wealth for business owners and optimizes its operating structure from a tax and legal perspective. In developing that structure for a client, TLS incorporates:

  • general approaches to tax reduction
  • tax reduction strategies, including the steps necessary to make maximum use of tax deductions that are available to each client;
  • asset protection devices to ensure that the client’s wealth is safe from third parties;
  • wealth accumulation techniques that create additional tax deductions, enable tax deferrals, and reduce applicable tax rates
  • business succession planning to ensure an orderly transition of ownership of a client’s business, either at retirement or in the event the client becomes unable or unwilling to continue operating the business; and
  • estate planning to ensure that a client’s assets are distributed in accordance with the client’s wishes and with the least reduction in value due to estate taxes.

Just as critical as the tax planning strategy is its effective and timely implementation. The most brilliant tax strategy only brings value and maximum tax savings to a client when the client implements the recommendations. Therefore, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of effective and timely implementation.

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“TLS reduced my taxes by $86,000 in the first year! They provided excellent service throughout the entire process and measurable results beyond what I thought possible. The strategies have positioned me for an early retirement should I so choose, created a more efficient corporate structure and above all else financial security for my family.”

Jared | South Carolina – Media Company

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Why Haven't I Heard of This?

Sometimes it really is about knowing the right people – in tax planning or in any other skilled profession. Because we are extremely narrow in our focus, we are also deep in our knowledge and understanding of tax planning for business owners. CPAs typically do tax reporting, not forward tax planning and analysis. Contact us today for more information.