“I have been working with TLS for nearly 4 years.  They helped me restructure my business and they recommended and implemented advanced tax strategies that have made a dramatic impact on my business.  They saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, and they’ve also saved me time… which gives me peace of mind.  If you’re tired of the reactionary expensive tax planning advice that is typically given by uninformed CPAs, I highly recommend TLS.  Their tax Attorneys are some of the smartest in the country.  They have it figured out!”

Ben | Illinois

“TLS reduced my taxes by $86,000 in the first year! They provided excellent service throughout the entire process and measurable results beyond what I thought possible. The strategies have positioned me for an early retirement should I so choose, created a more efficient corporate structure and above all else financial security for my family.”

Jared | South Carolina

“I have been a client of TLS for just about 1 year now.  The tax strategies recommended to me were innovative and best of all saved me significant tax dollars.  By implementing only some of their tax strategies I saved over $70,000 in income taxes… and I could have saved more if I had done everything they recommended.  I am very happy with the services rendered and would highly recommend using their services and would I happily recommend TLS to others.”

Kevin | Oregon

“I always wondered what people who made good income did to proactively plan for taxes.  When I met TLS, I learned when my CPA said, “You’re doing everything you can to reduce taxes.”   He really meant he didn’t know of anything else that could help me ensure I was paying only my fair share.   My businesses wouldn’t be where they are today without my relationship with TLS.”

Trae | Tennessee

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Why Haven't We Heard of This?

Why Haven't I Heard of This?

Sometimes it really is about knowing the right people – in tax planning or in any other skilled profession. Because we are extremely narrow in our focus, we are also deep in our knowledge and understanding of tax planning for business owners. CPAs typically do tax reporting, not forward tax planning and analysis. Contact us today for more information.