Thank you for attending our presentation last week to learn more about Tax Law Solutions and how we can help your clients reduce their income tax liability… and of course help you earn substantial commissions for yourself.  If you have any clients that you believe would be a good fit, we are happy to offer a complimentary tax analysis.

Following is the information we would need from your clients to conduct a comprehensive tax analysis:

  1. Most recently filed personal tax returns
  2. Most recently filed business tax returns
  3. Completed Information Request Form (we will provide this)
  4. 2015 Income Statement
  5. 2016 YTD Income Statement
  6. TLS Signed Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

If you have someone in mind, the sooner you can start the process the better… as runway matters and there is only about 3 months left in the year to affect their 2016 income tax.

The first step in the process is to call me or email me and give me your clients email address and full name so we can send them our Confidentiality Agreement.  After we get that, I will then send them an email that lists all the information we need to collect from them to analyze their tax situation.  I will keep you in the loop every step of the way and copy you on all client correspondence.

If you have a client that would like to have a conversation, I’m happy to free up some time to talk with them to introduce them to our process and how we help business owners reduce their income tax liability.  Just send me an email and let me know that you’d like to schedule a call.

Contact Demrie Henry:
phone: 972-310-1341

You can learn more about us at:  We also have a blog, which is housed on our website… I encourage you to subscribe to our blog.  We post articles a couple times per week, you might find them informative and useful.  I also encourage you to send your clients to our website and forward any blogs that you think might be informative and relevant to your clients.

If you’d like me to send you any marketing materials, please let me know.  I’m happy to send you digital versions so you can print them out and/or email them directly to your clients.

Thanks again for attending our presentation last week.  I’m here to support in all your sales efforts and I’m excited to work with you.