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IRS Compliant

The analysis, conclusions and recommendations we offer reflect the application of existing statutes, court cases, Internal Revenue Service regulations, revenue rulings and other published guidance (“Applicable Laws”).  No consideration is given to proposed legislation.

Business Tax Solutions

Proven Results

Our team of expert Tax Consultants have designed over 6,000 tax plans for business owners in a multitude of industries across the country.  We have clients in virtually every state and on average we’ve been able to permanently reduce their personal income tax liability by 30% to 40%.

Corporate Tax Solutions

We Are Different

We combine business strategy and tax law expertise to offer business owners a customized, comprehensive approach to tax planning.   Our client’s personal situation and business operation is thoroughly analyzed and considered when constructing their new tax plan.

How Much Does It Cost?

That’s a great question, and you’ll probably be surprised to hear the answer.  While tax attorneys and CPAs work for Tax Law Solutions, we are not structured like a law firm or CPA firm.  TLS is a consulting firm.  We charge a fixed one-time tax deductible fee based on the scope of the project.  We don’t charge by the hour and we don’t charge anything upfront.  We have a 6-step client engagement process, and for those who qualify it always starts with a complementary comprehensive tax analysis.  We work hard to earn our client’s trust and demonstrate our expertise, and when it comes to tax planning we know that’s a process, which is why we take all the up-front risk.

6-Step Client Engagement Process

1_num Provide us with your most recently filed business and personal tax returns, and complete our Information Request Form.
 2_num Our tax experts will provide a complimentary analysis of your tax situation to see if we can re-engineer your tax plan and put any additional defenses in place to reduce your income tax liability.
 3_num We will present our analysis along with our recommendations and tax savings assurance… again complimentary with no strings attached!
 4_num If you decide to hire us, you’ll pay a fixed one-time tax deductible fee for us to build and implement your new tax plan. During this stage we go deeper into discovery to ensure maximum tax savings. The fee is always significantly less than the tax savings in the first year!
 5_num Our tax experts will finalize your new tax plan and fully explain it to you during a scheduled presentation.  
 6_num We will implement your new tax plan and provide a full year of on-going support.

What Our Clients Have to Say....

“I have been working with TLS for nearly 4 years.  They helped me restructure my business and they recommended and implemented advanced tax strategies that have made a dramatic impact on my business.  They saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, and they’ve also saved me time… which gives me peace of mind.  If you’re tired of the reactionary expensive tax planning advice that is typically given by uninformed CPAs, I highly recommend TLS.  Their tax Attorneys are some of the smartest in the country.  They have it figured out!”

Ben | Illinois

“TLS reduced my taxes by $86,000 in the first year! They provided excellent service throughout the entire process and measurable results beyond what I thought possible. The strategies have positioned me for an early retirement should I so choose, created a more efficient corporate structure and above all else financial security for my family.”

Jared | South Carolina

“I have been a client of TLS for just about 1 year now.  The tax strategies recommended to me were innovative and best of all saved me significant tax dollars.  By implementing only some of their tax strategies I saved over $70,000 in income taxes… and I could have saved more if I had done everything they recommended.  I am very happy with the services rendered and would highly recommend using their services and would I happily recommend TLS to others.”

Kevin | Oregon

we are proactive. not reactive.


One of the biggest complaints we hear from business owners and high income earning individuals is that their current tax advisor or CPA do not introduce specific strategies to significantly and permanently reduce taxes.  The reason is simple, most CPAs and typical tax advisors tend to focus on reactively accounting for last year’s taxes, primarily as historians, rather than on proactively planning for reducing next year’s taxes.

The 3S's of Tax Law Solutions

Tax Law Solutions focuses on 3 distinct elements to design comprehensive tax savings plans for our clients:  Business Structure, Tax Strategy & Retirement Savings.



There are a variety of ways to structure your business, and each structure has different characteristics and different tax implications.  TLS will engineer your tax plan to ensure it’s structured properly to utilize sophisticated tax strategies available exclusively to business owners.



TLS has over 50 different advanced tax planning strategies we recommend and implement for our clients.  And every single strategy is written within the IRS tax code.  We didn’t make them up, we just know exactly how they need to be applied and accounted for to ensure proper usage.



The best retirement savings plan is safeguarding your income and keeping more of your hard earned dollars.  We are not an investment firm, but we do have an arsenal of advanced strategies that enable business owners to protect their business and save for retirement.

One Minute Qualifier Questionnaire

Get a complimentary analysis of your current tax situation

Tax Law Solutions has designed tax plans for business owners across the country, and on average we’ve been able reduce their taxes by 30% to 40%. Our sophisticated tax planning strategies create dramatic and permanent tax reductions for our clients. If you’re a business owner and you’re interested in learning more about how we re-engineer tax plans, our tax saving strategies, our company, or our team of experts please take a minute to help us get to know you better. Simply answer the questions below and we will contact you shortly.

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